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To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soul Mate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us

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More and more, we are a nation of list-makers, from grocery lists, New Year's resolutions, and things to do before we die to DVDs to rent and people we've kissed. In To-Do List (based on the popular blog of the same name, Sasha Cagen celebrates the humble to-do list, exploring the ways these scribbled agendas reflect our personalities and passions.

To-Do List is both a celebration of lists and a peek at the lists that others create. Broken down by subjects like "Daily Lists" to "Sex Lists," it's a fascinating collection of lists from everyday people to the well-known:

1. Novelist Nick Hornby's list of desert island discs.

2. A therapist's secret fears ("I HATE having to think about clients in relation to my hair or clothes").

3. A shopping list from chef Alice Waters of Chez Panisse.

4. A woman's accomplishments before her 30th birthday ("Hot air ballooned over the Serengeti," "Danced on a table in Vegas").

5. Qualities one man is looking for in a future wife, including "Chews with her mouth shut" and "Will let me give my first son the middle name of 'Jacob'."

With each list, Cagen offers the story behind it and a prompt for readers to compare notes and take their own stab at a similar list.

Voyeuristic and interactive, To-Do List will show you just how much--and what--your lists say about you.