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HOW TO MAKE MONEY WRITING,  & SELF-PUBLISHING (Books, Ebooks, Manuals, Directories, CD, VCD etc)

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HOW TO MAKE MONEY WRITING,  & SELF-PUBLISHING (Books, Ebooks, Manuals, Directories, CD, VCD etc)  You will discover How to turn your ideas, knowledge and accumulated experiences into INFORMATIVE book that will help other people –and can make you money-lots of money.  You can easily get into a “second-income and enjoy a very full and prosperous INDEPENDENT writer’s life. No editor, no subsidy, and no vanity publishers are involved-no one else is going to cut themselves in for a “piece of the action”. It’s yours-all your own-You are in complete control of your own books, e-book, booklets, magazine manual, CD, Video and any other form of information products you desire to publish. DISCOVER HOW YOU CAN…  you can very easily understand exactly what you need to do- and how to do it at your own pace. Nothing is left dangling. The book is written just as if you and I were talking together. You will get PRACTICAL INSTRUCTIONS-no fancy theories. START WITH LITTLE INVESTMENT … Yes, that’s right. With today’s modern printing methods, computer and Internet revolution, you can start with very little investment and make money that can make you rich in writing, printing & publishing. When you write a book-even a small book-people look at you in awe, with pride, with respect, with envy, with astonishment (that you could even do it) MAKE SERIOUS MONEY FROM INFO PRODUCTS… Why sell the information that others publish when you can start your own publishing business in your spare time and from your home. Find your own goldmine by publishing your book that you can prepare in your spare time. No fancy offices are needed. You can even do all your selling by mail and on Internet nationwide and worldwide. TELL WHAT YOU KNOW… You are an expert at something, may be experience that you have accumulated or possibly your information is in a specialized field. Others need to know what you know and they will pay you to get your information. HOW MUCH PROFIT… The profit in writing, printing and publishing can be as high as 1000% PROFIT.  I can state this as a fact since I personally publish two of my 10 books that fit that profit range myself. WHAT TO WRITE: You will discover the ideas of what’s selling these days. You’ll find it in my book “HOW TO MAKE MONEY WRITING, PRINTING AND PUBLISHING. Suppose you can’t write! Don’t let that stop you. If you’ll just get your material together, I revealed how you can get plenty of people you can hire to fix it up proper for selling. SELLING ON INTERNET: Publish and sell all by direct marketing nationwide and world wide. Sell retail, sell wholesales in big lots. I will tell you all the methods, secrets and the best way to go about each one. It’s simple when you know how, but it is difficult if you don’t have all the inside facts and information. SECRETS UNLIMITED REVEALED!  One man printed his first book very cheaply with just 100 copies. This was a book on how to win prize contests. Now, he has sold over 50,000.  What you need to be a success in low cost publishing is the inside secrets. Successful publishers know how but they don’t give out the facts. Let me open the secrets of publishing with little investment to you.  I can’t write all the books that are needed today so I want to share my publishing success secrets with you. You will discover the step-by-step on how to write, print and publish your book and make it a bet seller. PRINTING IS NOT PUBLISHING:  A word to the wise. Some people do not know that printing a book is only one small part of publishing. Selling the book is ALL IMPORTANT part. There are many printers waiting to do printing for you… but you must be careful and select the right one or the mistake can be costly. A real self-publisher knows how to write, print and publish (sell) his books. That’s what I want to show you! Make your order now WHAT THIS BOOK CAN DO FOR YOU It can get you started on the right foot in writing, printing and publishing. It can show you mistakes you are making now in your writing, publishing and printing. It can show you how to create and market any info-product efficiently, effectively, cheaply, quickly and profitably. It can MAKE YOU RICH! PARTS OF WHAT YOU WILL DISCOVERED ¨How to write about anything ¨ How to prepare for your first book ¨ How you can create information products that people want to buy. ¨ Profit making ideas for beginners ¨ How to produce your products fast & accurately ¨ How to copyright your work ¨ How to find the time to write ¨ How to develop more ideas ¨ How to start small and achieve riches ¨ How to price your material ¨ How to create the right titles ¨ How to place inexpensive adverts ¨How to make big money through talk programs, bookstores, libraries ¨ How to get all the free publicity you’ll want so you can sell your products for least cost… and make more profit That’s a mere sampling. The book reveals to you on all-important phases of writing, printing and publishing information. The book is completely devoid of theory, you profit from tested principle that work on any type of book, newspaper, magazine, CD, e-book you can possibly dream about writing. It shows you how to COPYRIGHT and retain complete control of everything you write. REAP ALL the profits for yourself The book revealed the secrets that are equally applicable to simple or sophisticated works of informative writing-any type, any size, and any style.