Baby Spoons Sweet Baby Carrot

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Best Baby Spoon Set of 4 baby feeding spoons - ergonomically correct curved design maximizes comfort for both mom and baby Made from the highest quality premium food grade silicone-lead, phlalate and BPA free, makes these elegant Baby Soft feeder spoons extremely safe & fun - even fussy eaters love them! Sweet Baby Carrot Baby Spoons are soft enough to self feed (when baby is ready) while durable enough that they are dishwasher safe. The only spoon your baby will need from infant to toddler. Ideal first stage baby feeding spoon with ergonomic improvements not found in any other brands such as Beaba baby spoons. Bright & colorful design with 2 orange and 2 green spoons, perfect for a boy or a girl, in a lifetime set of 4. Consider purchasing extra sets for the kitchen, on the go and for Grandma's house. Guaranteed THE FIRST AND ONLY SPOON BABY AND TODDLER WILL EVER NEED