60L Garden Organic Waste Kitchen Waste Compost Bag Environmental PE Cloth Planter Bag

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60L Garden Organic Waste Kitchen Waste Compost Bag Environmental PE Cloth Planter Bag 60L Garden Organic Waste Kitchen Waste Compost Bag Planter You also want to dispose of your organic waste in a natural way and at the same time produce perfect fertilizer? This garden bag composters can help you to solve this problem. The compostering bag turns kitchen and garden waste into fertile food for all plants and decreased at the same time your household waste by natural recycling of organic materials. Specification: Color: dark green Length: 63cm / 24.80" Diameter: 34.5cm / 13.58" Capacity: 60L / 15.85 us gal Material: environmental PE cloth Feature: With two handles on the top Good ventilation, quickly decompose kitchen waster and garden waste Easily take out the fuels with an open mouth on the bottom Three holes underearth and non steel stand Easy to turn gardening waste and kitchen scraps into garden goodness Package Include: 1 x 60L Compost Bag Compost Application: 1. Improve the physical and chemicalphysiological state of soil. 2. Mix with soil of some proportion, can be used for flowerbed, vegetable garden, lawn, boskage or etc. How To Use: 1. To allow the air to circulate, stacking some branches at the bottom. 2. To provide nitrogen source, adding some fallen leaves (around 10cm deep), then stacking some grass clippings (around 5cm deep), kitchen waste and garden waste. Top with soil around 60cm deep to reduced odors. 3. If the climate is dry, adding water to wet compost when adding new a layer of substances. Besides, digging a groove in the middle of compost to save excess water. If the surface of compost is shiny, shows that it have enough water. 4. To accelerate decomposition, turning over the compost and adding some water every two weeks. 5. The decomposition has completed when temperature no longer rises and the color of compost darkens. This process often takes 3 to 6 months to decompose substances.