Energy Health Magnetic Bracelet

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Trendy 4in1 Magnetic Health Stainless Steel Men Bracelet Number of Magnets: 2 x 6rows Magnet: Neodymium Gauss Strength of each Magnet: 3,000gauss Number of Germanium: 2 x 5rows Number of Far Infra Red: 2 x 6rows Number of Negative Ions: 2 x 5rows Supreme Quality THE BENEFITS OF NEGATIVE ION Increase your sense of well-being and mental clarity, To relieve tension, Improved energy levels and focus, Better sleep, Reduces instances of headaches and sickness, Elevated mental concentration and performance.  THE BENEFITS OF FIR INFRARED Improve the immune system, Improve defense system, Slows down aging, Increases and maintains body warmth.  THE BENEFITS OF GERMANIUM Strengthens one's immune system, Raises oxygen levels, Speeds up metabolism of body cells, Regulates positive and negative ions within the body, Removes harmful toxins, Controls swelling, Reduces water retention promotes quality sleep.  MAGNETIC THERAPY Relive pain, Promote blood circulation, Optimum energy & stamina, Balance & harmony. Relieves fatigue and tiredness, Alleviates physical stress, striffness, cramps or discomfort. Relieves joint and muscle pain increases blood circulation.