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Sunswan 128GB Flash Drive

Retail Price: $39.97
You Save: $7.22 (18%)

Expand the storage capacity of your mobile phone and easily share photos, music, videos, or documents with other smartphones, iPads, computers, or tablets with the Sunswan 128GB Flash Drive. Just plug it into your device's lightning or USB port for up to 80 MB/s reading and 40 MB/s writing speeds. Files download easily to the thumb drive for quick, hassle-free sharing and transfers. You can even password protect sensitive files so you can share information securely!

Lightweight, small, and featuring a durable metal casing, the Sunswan 128GB Flash Drive is compatible with Android phones, as well as the latest Apple iPhone 5/6/7/8 Plus iPhone X iOS devices and iOS 8 above systems. (NOTE: iPhone users must download the free UTools app before using the drive)

Makes a great gift!